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Our experienced staff will evaluate your property and the surrounding areas and give you a thorough analysis of the findings. Get the effective mosquito control service you need for your property. Don't compromise your safety and comfort by letting mosquitos invade your home.

  • Mechanical changes: we will help identify breeding areas, such as old tires, standing water in the gutters and poor drainage areas.

  • Specialty treatment: we will help identify water sources like ponds or slow moving streams that may need to be treated with larvacides.

  • Pesticide Application: we will design a treatment plan to fit your families needs.

  • We will identify harborage and breeding areas around your property.

  • Evaluate sanitation and other conditions that contribute to mosquito infestation and breeding.

  • Customize a mosquito control plan that fits your needs and budget.

Get Your Property Inspected Right Away!

Identify the cause of your Mosquito problems

Get Custom Solution for Mosquito Control

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PRO PEST is licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina,

and provides pest control services in

Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.

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